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TCS Employees Shine with Great Attendance Records

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average number of days absent from work for those in building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations is 3.4 days per year; 3.3 days annually for office and administrative support occupations, and 3.1 days for those working within production and material moving occupations.

Here at The Corporate Source, the average rate of absenteeism is far lower than industry average, and another great reason we are so proud of our employees at various work sites. Meet some of our exemplary staff members with perfect attendance records who proudly work in these industries:

Project Manager Ana, who oversees a Suffolk County Courts work site in Central Islip, reports that two of her staff members there have perfect attendance. “Matthew Chappas and Fred Connor have a record of five consecutive years at one-hundred percent attendance. Matthew takes pride in his work. He started working in Family Court and was switched to Supreme in June 2017.  Family Court personnel still tell me how much they miss having Mat’s cheerful spirit and hard work there.  Mat takes pride in maintaining his two floors clean and is thoughtful with his coworkers, even asking if anyone else needs help completing their routine. Fred also has a perfect attendance record and is always available to help for team building. Even on his days off, if we have a staff gathering Fred is there. Fred is always ready and willing to help his co-workers. He is trustworthy and very responsible with maintaining his assigned areas. Both employees are an asset to TCS and I am lucky to be their boss.”

Ann Marie, a Mailroom Supervisor at an Internal Revenue Service work site, shares that sentiment. “The person I would like to speak about is Joshua, who has worked with me for 8 1/2 years. Joshua is always on time for work, he completes his work consistently, and is always willing to challenge new tasks. Joshua take care of the mail room on days when I am not here, and he does a fantastic job! I am very happy to have him on board.”

TCS Project Manager Mayra, whose team of employees oversees janitorial services for all Nassau County Courts, has an employee within her ranks with nearly a decade of perfect attendance. “Bruce has been with TCS since August 2008. He started part time and was moved to full time that November. Bruce is dependable, trustworthy, reliable and more than capable of doing his job. In his nine years with us, he has never taken a sick day! He is a morning janitor, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm., and responsibly works by himself.  His main area is cleaning the public bathrooms, and in winter he is charge of snow removal to keep everyone safe.” 

At KPMG, Project Manager Jose gives a hearty shout-out to three outstanding TCS employees of his own who providing porter services at the NYC accounting firm. “James has been with us for almost three years and had a perfect attendance for two years in a row. His flexibility and availability helps me a lot in times of staff shortage. Lynden is another great example of dedication, having worked for us for almost five years, with perfect attendance for two years. His flexibility and availability helps me in times of staff shortage. Lastly, Curtis has been here for three years and maintained perfect attendance too for almost two years. He is a good team player, always willing to help his co -workers.”

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