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SourceAmerica ADA at 30 TCS Profile Summer 2020

This month, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) commemorates 30 years of leveling the playing field for people with disabilities. This landmark legislation has paved the path for this essential part of our workforce since July 26, 1990. SourceAmerica askets network of over 700 nonprofit agencies to share memories of how the ADA changed the landscape for people with disabilities and how the law made a difference.

Member Nonprofit Agency: The Corporate Source
Location: New York

The influence that the ADA has had on the lives of people with disabilities is monumental. Michael Kramer. CEO of The Corporate Source, was asked about what he most remembers about the ADA becoming the law of the land. “I remember when the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed. It was a time of hope, optimism, and a promise for the future. The ADA brought tangible improvements such as architectural modifications to make office buildings more accessible, curb cuts allowing independent access when crossing streets, and levered handles allowing doors with weighted pressure to open easily without a firm grip. But most importantly the ADA provided an inroad towards employment equity.”

Society as a whole has benefited from some of the ADA’s finer points. The curb cuts on a street corner have been welcomed for decades by parents pushing toddlers in strollers. The levered handles have provided relief to those who have had their hands full with multiple bags from a grocery store run. As Kramer points out, “We take these architectural changes for granted today and are often unaware of what precipitated the change – the ADA”

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Established in 1996, The Corporate Source provides people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities with well-paying, secure jobs from New York City and Long Island to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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