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HIA-LI Reporter CEO Profile Interview


The Corporate Source was founded in 1996 as a way to help people with disabilities lead lives with independence and fulfillment that’s derived through the world of work. In the past, people with disabilities often weren’t invited to join coworkers for lunch or otherwise feel integrated and welcomed at their workplaces. Many felt disconnected, resulting in high turnover due this lack of acceptance and connection. With TCS as the provider of outsourced services and the employer of record, there was greater opportunity to create employment that brought this workplace environment to people with disabilities that would be consistent with the more traditional workforce. At TCS staff develops the “soft” skills as well technical skills needed to succeed in their jobs, with attention to vital social components as well. Creating a “work family” to fully care about the individuals we employ brings out everyone’s best and has worked well for more than a quarter-century as we fulfill our outsourcing contracts. Providing a more inclusive, friendly workplace helps TCS continually balance the needs of our workforce – who have proven their value so well for us and for our customers- as we fulfill our contractual obligations to federal, state and private sector customers.


There were actually two turning points for our organization for me. The first was when TCS saw the first of many contracts expand in scope, based on the success we were having employing talented individuals with disabilities. As a local example, TCS had been hired as an outsourcing service provider strictly for janitorial and landscaping services at the Alfonse D’Amato Federal Court House Complex in Central Islip. This in itself was a major accomplishment, as this is one of the largest federal buildings on Long Island. When the government saw the quality of our work, they were so impressed that TCS was asked to take over Total Facilities Management for the entire government campus there. The second turning point was when our TCS management team started seeing the tenures of our employees increase. As a result, our employees were able to purchase primary residences, get married and have children of our own – dreams we all share. The success of our nearly 400 employees reinforces every single day how vital our mission and impact is in changing lives when ALL people are included in the workplace.


Treat everyone fairly and equally, and with dignity. We all want to be respected at work, and to feel that our work gives us a sense of purpose and fulfillment. TCS fosters this in our work environment that respects our employee contributions and offers flexibility and a healthy work/life balance. Work at its best brings these attributes, not just for the economic independence it provides. In this challenging time of “The Great Resignation,” it’s more important than ever for companies to embody a sense of purpose and mission, and for employers to focus on the health and wellbeing of their employees, which can lead to stronger loyalty and long-term commitment. TCS is a mission-driven organization and these elements have always been integral to the fabric of our organization and in the partners we work with.


The Corporate Source has built an organization that is competitive with any commercial provider in the United States. The caliber of TCS’s work fulfilling our federal, state and private sector contracts is top-notch, earning our organization the Cleaning Industry Management Standard’s highest ranking of “CIMS-Green Building with Honors” for best practices and environmentally-friendly LEED measures. Our dedication to our customers – through hurricanes, floods, power outages, 9/11, and more – has always remained steadfast and provided guidance and comfort to our clients in some of the worst challenges that have faced our country and the regions we serve. During these past two years of the pandemic, our hardworking employees have been deemed “essential” and bravely have continued maintaining and disinfecting key facilities throughout the New York metropolitan area, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands – never missing a beat as we continue to provide the services our customers count on in these ever-changing times. I think our acronym – TCS – also stands for the Tenacity, Courage and Spirit our staff has shown on the front lines. The Corporate Source time and time again has demonstrated what people with disabilities can achieve in the most arduous of circumstances.


I see TCS continuing to improve perceptions on what people with disabilities CAN contribute. I think that our management team has made significant strides in the lines of business we offer, and have expanded those lines to meet the interests of our workforce and the ever-evolving needs of the workplace. For example, a huge opportunity for growth for people with disabilities is within Information Technology. Businesses, becoming increasingly remote and reliant on computer systems to keep colleagues and customers connected, has made IT support paramount. In response, TCS has launched an innovative IT Training & Certification Program for People with Disabilities. Our inaugural graduating class later this month will be newly certified as IT Specialists ready for placement throughout Long Island, New York City, even nationwide where work environments are fully remote. Our rigorous IT program has earned some truly remarkable individuals cutting-edge, industry-recognized credentials including CompTIA’s A+ and IT Fundamentals badges plus competencies within IT Infrastructure, Applications and Software; Database Management; Security; Hardware and Mobile Devices; Networking; Operating Systems and Procedures; Software and Network Troubleshooting; and Cloud Computing. IT Training has created a dynamic new career path for people with disabilities while meeting the needs of the future. We are now working on job placement of our qualified IT graduates with potential employers, so please contact our office to interview your next IT Specialist. TCS continues to help companies meet their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives, and we’d love to tell you more about this program. The greatest opportunity that TCS has is in changing the perceptions of what people with disabilities can do, and this training program helps broaden the array of services that illustrate competency in the workplace.


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Established in 1996, The Corporate Source provides people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities with well-paying, secure jobs from New York City and Long Island to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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